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Healthy Baby Hawaii is Hawaii's FIRST baby food company! We use fresh ingredients without any additives or preservatives. We create healthy recipes, use local produce (when available), and have gluten-free and vegan options. Our goal is to provide our keiki with fresh, healthy snack and mealtime solutions. Our food items include blended purees, chunky purees, finger foods, and more! We also have lactation bites and oats for nursing moms to help increase breast milk production and energy. We deliver to homes across Oahu and also offer free in store pick up.





Healthy Baby Hawaii is owned by two Kailua mamas, Aly Akina and Nicole Dodson. We met in '08 working in the food industry and quickly became great friends. A few years later, we happened to settle down and start our families around the same time. Once our babies reached the "solids" age, we both decided to make their foods from home with fresher ingredients rather than buy shelved, processed baby foods. But there were times when we couldn't always have food prepared and would have to get a “quick fix” from the store. Shelved baby food tends to have long expiration dates, has been cooked at high temperatures (basically all that’s left is fiber and sugar), and honestly just smells and tastes funny. We wanted better options and resources for fresher, healthier foods “quicker” alternatives. So we did our research and found nothing of the sort. And here we are!



We want busy parents to feel confident that the food they are feeding their keiki is fresh, organic and preservative free - unlike their store bought counterparts. Parenting is hard enough, let us, Healthy Baby Hawaii, give you piece of mind by providing your keiki with the very best delivered straight to your door!

healthy baby hawaii founders

Founders Nicole Dodson & Aly Akina

founders of Healthy Baby Hawaii

Nicole & Aly with their children. (Top Left Nainoa (2), Nicole, Aly, Aiva (4Mo), Bottom Left Jameson (5), Ariya (2). 

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