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9- 4 oz. Purees delivered every week for 4 weeks. (A total of 36 a month). Fresh organic flavors for this stage of your babies eating adventure. You will receive 3 of each weekly flavor.


You may cancel, hold or modify your subscription at anytime. 


***Please select options from drop down menus. 


Price Options
9 Jar Subscription
$192.00every 4 weeks until canceled
  • Stage 1 Single Flavors- Keeping it simple. Great for babes just getting started on solids. 

    Stage 2 Blends- Multi-Ingredient Flavors with a smooth texture.

    Stage 3 Chunky- Multi-Ingredient Flavors with a chunkier texture.

  • We offer a 4 week subscription program that allows you to get fresh, organic "homemade" (without all the hassle) baby food delivered straight to your door every Friday/Saturday. Start by choosing your package and stage based on your babies age and preferences. Once subscribed, you can hold, cancel or modify your subscription at any time. By signing up for a subscription you will recieve FREE home delivery!!

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